Print Design: 27+ Years

I began my career as a traditional cut-and-paste print designer, before upgrading to my first Mac in 1990. It was love at first "Dong" and I've never looked back! I've worked with some amazing designers and incredibly talented creative and art directors over the years, and I've happily absorbed both old and new mediums like a sponge. It's not just "pretty pictures," either. Design is just as much about how to present your information—your content—in the best possible way in order to get your message across, as it is about graphics and images.

Web Design: 22+ Years

I began working with HTML in 1995, and I'm happy to say I still prefer to hand-code as it allows me to get under the hood, and avoid using WYSIWYG editors with their messy code. In addition to the mechanics of web design, I've learned a lot of great stuff about the business of the biz. I can offer a no-nonsense, pragmatic approach to developing your website—which won't include wasting a fortune on SEO or getting your site blacklisted. It's not that SEO won't enter into it, it's just that most sites don't require anything more than well-written and developed content, and properly optimized code.

Some of My Recent Work

In addition to the following examples, I have samples of work on my Adobe's MyPortfolio portfolio. My work is not limited to what you see here… If you can imagine it, I can deliver it! Please contact me if you have any questions.

BCCA Employee Benefits Magazine Ad #8
BCCA Employee Benefits Magazine Ad #10 BCCA Employee Benefits Magazine Ad #9 BCCA Employee Benefits Magazine Ad #7 BCCA Employee Benefits Magazine Ad #6 BCCA Employee Benefits Magazine Ad #5 BCCA Employee Benefits Magazine Ad #3 BCCA Employee Benefits Magazine Ad #2
Diane Raulston E-commerce Website
woman holding flops on the beach
Diane Raulston Trunk Show Banner Fashion Swimwear Designer Diane Raulston Trunk Show Flyer Diane Raulston E-commerce Website Diane-Raulston-Skyroom-Flyer Juva-Social-Media-Large Juva-Flyer-Social-Media-Small-10-2013.2
WindStorm Home Page
WindStorm Rebranding WindStorm Products: Hurricane Hardware and Supplies, Specialty Construction Fasteners
My Every Gay Life WordPress Customization
Fuel North Vancouver Website
Design Safety Single Page Website
DSN Flyer
Pearlquest E-Commerce and WordPress Site
Pearl's Produce
Consummo Web Design Project
Consummo Web Design Project
Consummo Marketing Concepts Die Cut 'Os' Business Card ImageConsummo Western Dental Proposal PDF Cover
Karma Hair Lounge Website Development
Blastworxs Website
MilfBrand’s New Web Design
Tim Chappel Costume Design Portfolio
Empire Spring Veelah 2012 Ad Spring 2011 Empire Veelah Ad, Empire Music, Vancouver BC Empire Music, Vancouver BC, Jewel Tone Postcard
HIVCT Sentinel Postcard
Monkey Fist Header, Vancouver BC
Monkey Fist Circle Knot Logo, Vancouver BC
Monky Fist Business Card, Vancouver BC Monkey Fist TShirts, Vancouver BC
Business Taps Logo and Icon
Business Taps Branding in Metallic
Business Taps Logo
Terra Firma Logo Brand, Brazil